content diagonal early child 1Early Childhood Education (ECE) – Playing is their job

“Children at play are highly motivated and capable of intense concentration”.
Alberta Kindergarten Statement, 2005.

Research overwhelmingly supports “Purposeful Play” as a means of developing children’s love for life long learning. Given the opportunity to explore their environment through purposeful play, children acquire important life skills that meet their social, physical, intellectual, cultural, creative and emotional needs. Kindergarten is a transition period as children move from the home to the “outside world.” CIS is committed to providing a caring, nurturing environment that assists children in developing the confidence and skills necessary to become independent learners.

CIS’ ECE facilities are designed to actively engage children in activities that explore science, language, mathematics, art, drama, music, and physical activity in a purposeful and playful way.

Indoor and outdoor play areas allow for a balance of quiet and loud play spaces; for games, sand, water, and pretend fun. CIS also features a large indoor air-conditioned hall for purposeful play.

Classroom design incorporates day lightening and warm colours for a positive learning atmosphere. And to encourage the love of reading, an extensive KG library provides children with a comfortable setting to explore stories, books, puppets, and their own imaginary world.