pix content LONG our student 1At CIS, the Alberta Education Elementary curriculum is taught by class teachers through Inquiry-Based Learning. An emphasis is made on teaching students the process of learning so that they gain not only knowledge but also an understanding of the process as well as their own individual learning style.

Class teachers cover the core subject areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to increasing students’ self-confidence and rapport with their teacher, one of the major benefits of having a class teacher is to facilitate the IBL approach. By spending more time with one group of students, the class teacher knows their strengths and weaknesses and can build on their knowledge base more easily as they incorporate cross-curricular objectives.

The CIS Elementary Program also recognizes the correlation between positive self-esteem, academic success, and physical fitness. Physical Education includes promoting daily physical activity as well as teaching basic knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.