GRADE 2 : Collage Creatures

Collages demonstrating that complex shapes can be created by combining a series of simple shapes



GRADE 2 : Desert Landscapes

Painted drawings using warm colours and depicting the warm desert landscape



GRADE 3 : Drawing With Scissors

Abstract collages inspired by the work of Marc Chagall
GRADE 3 : Ink Creatures

Accidental drawings built from spilled ink
GRADE 4 : Profile Companions

Profile portraiture depicting a relationship between two figures
GRADE 4 : Faces

Charcoal portraits exploring value range and proportional drawing
GRADE 5 : Inspiration Dot Insects

Integration drawing combining a collaged item with drawing material

GRADE 5 : Egyptian Scarabs

Glazed, clay sculptures

GRADE 6 : Electric People

Figurative drawing combining gesture drawing, shape-blocking and modeling using directional light

GRADE 6 : Action Figures

3-Dimentional mixed-media figurative sculpture