fine arts LONG diagonalCreating a Reggio-Style Classroom

Learners develop different art techniques such as collage, painting, tessellation, 3D modelling and pencil drawing within a Reggio Emilia style classroom environment, underpinning their knowledge and exploring different outcomes.


KG1 : Our Aquarium

Exploring different shapes to create objects, this term we have been learning about how putting several shapes together can create a beautiful piece of artwork. ‘Our Aquarium’ shows many shapes put together to create our rainbow fish.

This can be seen in the KG/Grade 1 art room.



KG2 : Under the sea: fish instillation

Throughout the term we have been developing our cutting skills and learning the techniques of collage, working with different material to create something amazing. There are over 150 fish and seahorses moving in the breeze at the front entrance showing every KG2 student’s work.

This can be seen in the reception area.

under the sea


KG2 : Abstract Mondrian Sculpture

We have also been discovering primary colours this term, focusing on Mondrian art. This KG2 collaboration took over a week to make, learning and developing skills in Papier-mâché to create a 5 pillar 3D sculpture.

This can be seen in the 1st floor corridor leading to the KG/Grade 1 art room.



GRADE 1 : Henri Matisse and Collage

This term we have been studying Henri Matisse and Collage, developing fine motor skills, detailed drawing, and cutting skills.

The first piece displayed in the KG/Grade 1 Art room is Henri Matisse inspired vase.


The second piece–also inspired by Henri Matisse’s ‘Beasts of the sea’–can be seen in the 1st floor corridor leading to the KG/Grade 1 Art room.

matisse 2