Rachelle Hugg and Dale Yost

Kindergarten: KG 1 and 2 music is an exploratory Reggio based program along with teacher-led songs, games and dances. The goal of music in Kindergarten is to LOVE music. We do this while learning to sing in a group, match pitch and become familiar with instruments and the sounds they make. Centres-based creative play is one of the primary strategies in Kindergarten music with opportunities to perform puppet shows, listen and draw, dance to classical music and create compositions using notation.



Grade 1-3: Music in Grades 1-3 moves more toward an Orff based program.  Students learn songs with instrumental accompaniments and corresponding dances.  They also learn more advanced rhythmic notation and more complex songs. Students have the opportunity to compose and improvise on instruments and create their own dances along with Reggio based centres as well.