Students at CIS are taught within 5 realms of PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Alternate Environment : Students participate in a variety of land or water based activities in alternate environments. Our wonderful pool allows students to swim within our school property. Other activities may include but aren’t limited to: bowling, running off-campus, kayaking etc. These activities are also dependent upon weather conditions and resources available within the community.

Dance : Students participate in a variety of dance experiences to enhance creative movement and expression. This year students have learned many forms of line dance and have been able to “Create a Dance” within a group setting.

Games : Students participate in a variety of games to develop manipulative skills, strategies, techniques, and spatial awareness. Within our games units, students are encouraged to focus on cooperation, communication, effort, leadership, participation, and preparation. Sample games units have included: volleyball, basketball, tchoukball, football, frisbee games, softball, and low-organized games.

Types of Gymnastics : Students participate in movement challenges that enable them to develop several skills such as strength, flexibility, and balance. Our ‘stuntnastics’ unit is a fun way for students to practice balances and pyramids within 2-3-4 person group settings.

Individual Activities : Students participate in running, jumping, and throwing activities; individual activities and target activities. Several of our units such as racquet sports and athletics are some of the individual manipulative units we’ve incorporated into our yearly plans.

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Students in grades KG1-Grade 9 also participate in swimming classes as a part of their regular class schedule. Students are taught proper stroke technique and water safety, while participating in team-building, creative and competitive games. Throughout the year, classes continue with all stroke corrections, new skill development, and improvement on all grade levels.

Swim team for both elementary and secondary will start some time after 15th of February and will continue until the end of the school year. As part of the team, students will compete locally in competitions against other schools that are hosted by CIS and by neighboring schools.

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