All students are encouraged to feel pride in being members of CIS, and their uniform identifies them as such. Appropriate dress is expected of all students and good grooming is equally important. Parents will be contacted if the uniform worn by the student is incomplete or inappropriate. On designated theme days, students are permitted to wear non-uniform clothes, however they are expected to wear appropriate, modest dress on these days. Halter/tube tops, short shorts, and bare midriffs are considered not acceptable. Inappropriately dressed students will be asked to change promptly into a school uniform or will be sent home immediately.

CIS School Uniforms are to be ordered and purchased from Zaks, located in Raha Mall (next to Raha Beach Hotel). They can be contacted at 800-ZAKS or via their website, Their opening hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday through Thursday. An on-site tailor will be available to perform alterations.

Full Dress Uniform : White Shirt must be worn on field trips.

The Vice Principal of the appropriate school has final word on what constitutes appropriate uniforms.

Elementary (Grades KG1-6)

Elementary students are to wear their red CIS uniform shirt with the CIS logo that is provided by Zaks. Grades 1-3 will wear their PE uniforms to school for the entire day. Grades 4-6 will wear their normal CIS uniform to school, change into their PE uniforms prior to PE class, and change back into their normal uniforms after PE is over.

Secondary (Grades 7-12)

All secondary students must wear the white dress shirt with CIS logo that is provided by Zaks. In addition to this, any plain black trousers, skirts, skorts, or shorts are allowed. All skirts, skorts, and shorts must be knee length, even if the student is wearing tights or leggings underneath.

Please note that leggings worn alone ARE NOT acceptable attire for any girls in the Secondary School (Grades 7-12). They may only be worn underneath skirts, skorts, or shorts of an appropriate length.

P.E. and Swimming

KG1 & KG2 students may wear their PE uniform to school on PE days but are not required to do so as they may wear their normal uniform during PE.

All other students must wear the CIS P.E. Uniform (shirt and shorts) on the day(s) they go to P.E. class. External wear (jackets, undershirts, etc.) must be plain black and may not have any logos or writing.

Grades 1-3 will wear their PE uniforms to school. Grades 4-12 will wear their normal CIS uniform to school and change into their PE uniforms prior to PE class

For swimming, the following gear is required :
1. Towel
2. Goggles
3. Swimming caps for students with long hair
4. Swim suit Boys : Swimming shorts, board shorts, etc. | Girls : One-piece suit plus swimming shorts, board shorts, etc.

If students do not have their swimming gear with them at the time of swimming class, they will not be allowed to participate.