information LONG diagonal transport 1Update: 2017-2018 Academic Year

To register students for bus services, parents need to complete and sign the 2017-2018 Bus Use Rules and Registration Form. The form can be submitted to the school electronically to or leave a hard copy with Reception. Emirates Transport will contact parents to confirm registration and provide pick-up and drop-off times/locations in late August.

Student Transportation Fees are separate from tuition, and students are not permitted to ride the bus until these have been paid.

CIS utilizes Emirates Transport, an ADEC-approved company, to provide students with school bus pick-up and drop-off services to and from the school. All buses are accompanied by a bus monitor to look after students and ensure that they are safe at all times while on the bus. Monitors also will liaise with parents regarding any delays or other student information.

PLEASE NOTE : Bus services are not guaranteed for all locations and are subject to availability in your area.

Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right, and students are expected to abide by the Bus Use Rules and Expections, found on the registration form, as well as school behavior expectations and show respect to bus drivers, supervisors, and other students while riding the bus.



Below is the breakdown of payments for bus services. Please note that there are no discounts given for one-way service (e.g. morning pick-up only). If parents wish to use the bus for one semester only, they need to contact the school accounts department to arrange a payment schedule. For additional information regarding the payments of Transportation, please contact our Accounts Department at