At CIS we endeavor to make our school a home away from home for our children.  We actively encourage all students–from the little KG children to our Grade 12 students–to interact with each other through various school programs :

bucket filler 1Helping others is contagious and at CIS, we teach our students how to be positive members of the community. One of the ways that we encourage this is through our Bucket Filler program. The concept behind the program is this: Everyone has an invisible bucket and when our buckets are full, we feel good! By doing and saying kind things to others, we fill their buckets, and in return ours are filled too.

When students see their one of their classmates filling a bucket, they fill out a paper that says what their friend did and places it in their class’s bucket. At the end of the month, one student from each grade is randomly chosen and their good deed is highlighted at the last school assembly of the month. The students are also featured in the school newsletter and receive certificates in recognition of them being good friends, school mates, and community members.


Reading buddies works on a two tier system with KG to Grade 3 being the little buddies and Grades 4 to 12 being the big buddies. All the buddies are paired up and once a week they come together and read with each other. Throughout the years, this program has encouraged students of different ages to get to know each other and bring our student body even closer together.


We are proud to announce the school house leagues program. Each child is assigned a house and this house will stay with them throughout their time at CIS. The house is an integrated mix of all students from KG1 through to Grade 12, with all students working together in friendly competition with the other houses. Students can earn points for their house by doing good deeds, being helpful, following directions, or being a good friend. House points are updated weekly and are announced during assembly.

Our houses are: Cobras (Green), Ravens (Black), Timber Wolves (White) and Falcons (Red). Our house colors make up the colors of the UAE flag. Students can earn points for their house for good behavior such as good attendance or following directions. House points are updated weekly and are announced during assembly.


The elementary school holds an assembly once a week on Wednesday mornings. This assembly is known as M&M’s. During this time, school announcements are made, student and staff birthdays are celebrated, house announcements are made, and there is a performance by a different class each week. Parents are welcome to attend to see their child perform or receive an award.

The secondary school also holds an assembly. This is held monthly, usually towards the beginning of each month. School announcements are made, birthdays are celebrated, house information is made known. There is a special section “Sharing of Skills” where the students get to showcase their talents.

At various intervals throughout the school year the whole school will gather together for a special assembly.

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